Anti Mould Trial Pack - killsblackmould
Anti Mould Trial Pack will help you clean up mould in your home
Anti Mould Trial Pack - killsblackmould
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Anti Mould Trial Pack

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This bundle is everything you need to cleanup mould for the last time. The Green-Goo anti mould spray and bonus microfibre cloth makes light work of regular yuk and mould and preps the area for the Green-Goo Power Crystals. This pack comes with 300ml of Power crystals which will easily fill the included empty tub. The Power Crystals will gently evaporate providing a protective shield  killing mould for a minimum 30days.- the kit comes with a diffuser tub to get your room mould free in no time.

    • 500ml Anti Mould Spray/ spray refill or 250ml concentrate.
    • 250ml concentrate makes 1litre of full strength Anti Mould Spray.
    • 300ml Stops Mould Power Crystals.
    • 150ml empty vented tub.
    • Cleans mould stains.
    • Eco Friendly
    • Made using a Natural plant based formula with no added alkali, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, sulfates or artificial fragrances
    • Kills common household germs such as E.Coli, Pseudomonas and mould
    • Safe for septics/ grey water systems.
    • Comes with a diffuser tub.
    • Vegan Friendly- free from animal derived ingredients.
  • IDEAL for caravans, boats, trucks and spare rooms.
  • Bonus Microfibre cloth.
  • Power Crystals provide a Minimum 30days protection per tub.


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