• Introducing NEW Green-Goo range

    New and improved Green Goo KILLS black mould.
  • 10 facts about mould you need to know before it's too late.

    Just because it's dry doesn't mean you're safe from the effects of toxic mould. Here is 10 facts about mould you need to know before it becomes a life threatening issue for your family.
  • How to clean and keep your air conditioner mould free.

    Keep you air conditioner running at optimum by ensuring it is mould free with tested products sold by Green-Goo .
  • 5 myths about Mould.

    5 myths about Mould.
  • How to keep your dishwasher free of mould.

    Mould loves your dishwasher. Here's how to stop the rot.
  • Handy tip on keeping your washing machine free of mould

    How to keep your washing machine free of mould with Eco-Sentinel
  • Mould triggers Asthma.

    We've had many reports of peoples asthma being reduced after installing Green-Goo in their homes, now we understand why.

  • How safe is mould to eat?

    Ever found a piece of food in the fridge that had "just a little" mould on it- so you cut the mould off and ate the rest? Well, just how safe is it to do that? Here's the answer.
  • Living with mould: The 'tightrope walk' between landlords and tenants

    Renting is tough enough but it stinks when mould becomes an issue.
  • How bad is mould?

    Mould isn't just really really bad- it's also smart; well smart for a single cell organism. BUT it's scary smart.
  • Save your stuff from mould.

    A customer has kindly given us some images of how Green-Goo saved her expensive Oroton purse from the bin