To Stop cleaning mould just open a jar.

Never having to clean mould is really that simple.

Used in Resorts, yachts, yurts, hotels, huts and homes just like yours.

Protect your entire home for a week for less than the price of a coffee.

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The longer you leave it, the more difficult mould is to control.

Take a stand against mould today. Green-Goo sprays kill mould and Green-Goo Gels stop mould coming back.

Green-Goo has developed products designed specifically to clean and protect your family against nasty germs and mould.

Great for Homes, cars, boats, trucks, oil rigs, hospitals- anywhere mould is an issue.

Easy to use, and smells lovely.

Backed by science as effective against nasty pathogens.

Protect your family now.

sanitise & protect naturally

What you need to Sanitise your home or office.

Anti Mould Spray

Legendary for saving leather items like shoes, bags and furniture- spray, wait then wipe and your item is saved.

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The Green-Goo

The simplest way to stop mould- just open the jar, place in airflow and the natural mould killing vapor will stop mould growing for a minimum of 40 days.

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Floraphyll Aroma Pods

Hand made enviro safe Bull Banksia seed pod comes pre-charged to immediately disperse ECO SENTINEL into your home. The pod is the best natural oil diffuser on the market.


Eco Sentinel

 ECO SENTINEL creates a vapor to help sanitise your home 24/7. Backed by scientific research to be effective Antiviral,  Antibacterial and Antifungal.


Anti Mould trial pack

Everything you need to cleanup mould for the last time. The Green-Goo anti mould spray and bonus microfibre cloth makes light work of regular yuk and mould and preps the area for the Green-Goo GEL, the GEL will gently evaporate providing a protective shield against mould over time killing mould- the kit comes with a diffuser tub to get your room mould free in no time. IDEAL for caravans, boats, trucks and spare rooms.



Finally, an eco product that works fantastically well. Eliminated black mould and harmful airborne spores around the house without covering everything in chemicals. Easy to use, effective and smells great

J. Gibson. London

Best product out... great for offices as a purifier and the tee tree solution spray is unreal!

P. Bannah. Cairns.

5 OUT OF 5 STARS! A brilliant product, love it! haven't had to clean mould from my bathroom for months & great value for $

C. Brown. Cairns

The Gel has brought our Asian Gecko infestation under control- a major issue for us as a business. 

Chris. Cardwell

The Caravan Park had a nightmare with Mould and Geckos. This stuff is worth every cent

John. Cardwell

Saved my purse! Thank you!

Tilly. Cairns

It's amazing! I left a small tub on my bedside table and over the course of a month it cleaned a circle on the ceiling! I put it in a better airflow and now the entire room has been cleaned from horrid mould.

Mary. Malanda

We sprayed a section of wall with the spray to experiment- the next morning it was clean! We didn't need to wipe or scrub anything!- We should have bought the bigger size

June. Mena Creek

It saved my favourite recliner! I was going to throw out an expensive Lay Z Boy because it had gone GREEN with mould- I sprayed it with the spray and the  next day the mould was gone! 3 months later it's still gone.

Rosanna. Babinda
Stop cleaning mould now!

Scientifically Proven.

Stop cleaning mould here

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