How to keep your dishwasher free of mould.

Your dishwasher is a natural haven for mould. It's got everything Mould loves- food & water. 

So keeping it mould free means you need to do maintenance every time you use it. Without going into massive detail here is what you need to do.

    • Scrape your plates well before putting them in the machine.
    • EMPTY the filter after every wash.
    • Wipe down the seals regularly,
    • Use a decent detergent.
    • Run the machine regularly- letting it sit idle will give mould opportunities.
    • After a wash- leave it open with the racks out to dry.
    • Occasionally run it empty on hot wash.
    • Check spray arms that there are no clogs.

A quick clean with vinegar is a cheap way of getting rid of mould. Here's how to do it.

  • Pour two cups into a bowl on the bottom rack of your otherwise empty appliance* (don't just pour it in the bottom because your machine empties into the drain before it starts).
  • Give it a run, pausing the cycle in the middle for half an hour or so to give it an extra good soaking.
  • If the dishwasher still smells yuk, throw in a handful of baking soda and run it again. If that doesn't work you're gonna have to attack it with an old toothbrush.
  • Give it a squirt with some of the sprays we sell on this site- it's really good stuff.

* Some manufacturers, such as Miele, advise against using vinegar as its acidity might damage sensitive internals and prefer you to use their expensive proprietary products instead. So check your manual first.