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Floraphyll Cold Diffuser Aroma Pod.

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Each Aroma Pod has a combination of rough edges (the outside of the seed pod), holes where the seeds once were and a brown/red velvety fur. These attributes are a completely natural part of the seed pod. Each Aroma Pod has its own unique qualities and you will never find two the same. Because the seed pod is not as dense as timber, it has the ability to soak up essential oils. Once the oil is soaked up it is slowly released through the holes of the pod.

This hand carved environmentally responsible essential Oil diffuser will last a lifetime and is preloaded with Antimicrobial Eco Sentinel essential Oil. Top up the pod and it will release vapour for up to a month between refills.

Eco Sentinel has been developed to harness the Antimicrobial  qualities of Australian Tea Tree Oil, Australian Eucalyptus oil and imported Clove Oil. When used in our specialised Floraphyll diffuser Eco Sentinel will gently disperse to provide a protective vapor shield throughout your home to safeguard you and your family from the myriad of airborne pathogens in today's world.

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