Anti Mould Spray economy refill 1 Litre
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Anti Mould Spray economy refill 1 Litre

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You need to KILL mould before you can get rid of it otherwise it will simply come back. Most mould "cleaners" simply make mould transparent, it's never actually killed so the mould comes back with a vengeance! Green-Goo Anti Mould Spray KILLS mould and is an excellent primer before using the Green-Goo Power crystal Gels to inhibit further mould growth in indoor spaces.Sanitise your House with Green-Goo Anti Mould spray. Just spray, wait for it to sink in and kill the mould, then clean off with a cloth.
Specially formulated using our proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils to kill mould.

This is the most economical way to purchase this product- BYO spray bottle and you're all set to tackle some serious mould issues.