Finally a product that stops mould in any indoor environment! Just open a tub and leave it and the triple anti microbial qualities of Green Goo quickly go to work to hunt down and kill mould spores and nasty pathogens. Backed by scientific research Green Goo KILLS mould and stops it from coming back.
Each 1 litre refill comes with an empty specially designed evaporation tub absolutely free. Each tub will effectively protect an area of 20 square meters. You can buy additional tubs to cover larger areas.
1 Litre Mould Killer Gel Refill
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1 Litre Mould Killer Gel Refill

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Say goodbye to mould with this 100% natural, self evaporating product that incorporates the amazing Anti Microbial properties of Tea Tree Oil. Developed specifically for indoor areas- you will be amazed how easy Green-Goo is to use. 

Just open a container, place it in an airflow and the pleasant smelling vapour from our proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils immediately starts releasing into the air killing the cause of nasty mouldy odours. Each tub lasts a minimum 30 days and upto 90 days.

This is the most economic way to get the amazing mould stopping Green-Goo. Keep your entire home mould free this summer by refilling your tubs with our economic 1 liter bulk refill. Comes with 1 diffuser tub free. Additional tubs also available to buy so you can protect everything from the ballroom to the bathroom.