1.5 Litre Mould Killer Gel Tub - killsblackmould
1.5 Litre Mould Killer Gel Tub - killsblackmould
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1.5 Litre Mould Killer Gel Tub

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The 1.5 LT tub is ideal for commercial applications such as storerooms, warehouses, storage sheds, larger boats, halls etc.

This tub will provide coverage for an area up to 60M² and last a minimum 3 months, for more coverage use additional units.

Say goodbye to mould with this 100% natural, self evaporating product that incorporates the amazing Anti Microbial properties of Tea Tree Oil. Developed specifically for indoor areas you will be amazed how easy Green-Goo is to use. 

Just open a container, place it in an airflow and the pleasant smelling vapour from our proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils immediately starts releasing into the air killing the cause of nasty mouldy odours.

To use: open tub according to instructions on unit, and place on a flat surface at  height so the vapour can fall from the tub into airflow. 

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